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How to Create Your Own Chakra Meditation or Self-Hypnosis Script

Michelle and Charles Mathias

It is quite easy to create your own personalized scripts for chakra meditation or self-hypnosis. If you look on the Internet, you will find self-hypnosis downloads for practically every addiction and illness, emotional and physical pain, love and sex, personal and spiritual development, business success and wealth attraction, weight loss and body image, fears and phobias, and more. 


At one level or another, all of these issues can be boiled to chakra work.  Rather than buy these pre-recorded MP3s, you can create your own personalized self-hypnosis sessions tailored for your own particular chakra needs.  Every session should have four parts:  



An induction is simply a progressive relaxation of the body from head to toe or vice versa. It is helpful to name the body part and tell it to “relax now.”      



After you are relaxed, a deepener is used to put you in a state of mind where you will be receptive to the suggestions made in the main script. This usually involves a simple counting backwards, telling yourself that you will become more and more relaxed as you count down. You can get as creative as you want with your images as long as you are going down and relaxing with each step. 



Here is the meat of the session, the guided imagery or suggestions that can go to work changing or rewriting the self-destructive subconscious scripts we live out day to day without thinking.  After you have read or listened to a few, you may want to try your hand at writing your own. 



Finish your session with a simple awakening, which is generally just counting up to five, feeling more and more alert at each stage until you open your eyes feeling refreshed.


To record your session, you can use a simple cassette player.  If you want to make a CD, buy a small microphone to plug into your computer.  Download Audacity, a free audio editor and recorder.  Record your session and add music if you like, save it as an MP3, and burn it onto a CD.  Now you have your own personal self-hypnosis session to help you open a particular chakra or alleviate certain symptoms associated with a particular chakra imbalance.


Remember to treat the whole self.  It is our belief that most of the specialty scripts available, either free or for sale, deal only with symptoms.  (Of course, sometimes you need a little help with the symptoms!)  But you will find that when you make more fundamental changes that get to the root of things, the symptoms will disappear or at least be much easier to deal with.


If you are doing chakra work and would like to see how we have written our own guided chakra meditation and self-hypnosis script incorporating the four elements listed above, or if you would like to learn where you can find the best free scripts to plug in to your own meditation, take a look at our Root Chakra Foundation Building Program.   Check it out!

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